Should You Drink Tea?

Tea is a beverage that is widely popular all over the world. It is the first choice of most people in the morning. Tea is preferred as a beverage that is refreshing and energizing. Choosing for a cup of tea is always a good choice for your health. There are many people who take tea on a regular basis. In this current article we are going to discuss about the benefits of taking tea. The colour of tea depends on how much processed the tea leaves are. Green tea is very less processed and it is filled with health benefits. People also opt for tasty herbal teas which are really good for health.

Tea contains less caffeine than coffee:

Undoubtedly, coffee is another popular beverage. But this one has a great amount of caffeine in it. Though caffeine gives us energy, much caffeine is not good for health. Organic tea has less amount of caffeine than coffee and thus it is healthier. On the other hand, herbal tea has no caffeine and it provides the much needed energy.

Contains antioxidants:

Antioxidants are elements which prevent damages by free radicals. It helps to prevent cell damages caused by ageing. Tea contains antioxidants and white and green tea pouches come with tea that has more amount of antioxidant. Thus, consuming tea will help you to avoid damages due to aging.

Helps to lose weight:

Green tea helps to lose weight as it increases the metabolic rate. Consuming green tea regularly can show results with time.

Helps to maintain heart health:

Green tea is proven to be able to reduce the chances of heart diseases and stroke. It reduces the amount of bad cholesterol to keep your heart healthy. People who consume green tea regularly have less chances of stroke. Matcha tea made from ground green tea leaves have more nutritional value and is more beneficial for heart health.

Bone health:

Moringa is a plant which is native to South Asia. Moringa tea helps to keep bone strong as it has calcium, vitamin A and K. people consuming Moringa tea can derive benefits for the bones.

Stay strong with strong immune system:

Immunity is our inbuilt power to fight diseases. There are more than enough reasons which make our immunity weak. Tea made from basil leaves or tulasi is proven to strengthen our immune system.

Aids the digestive system:

Herbal tea helps to digest fat better which helps you to digest your food properly. It also ensures fast waste removal and gives relief to people suffering from constipation.