Tips On Organizing A Wedding Without Having To Scrape Out Your Bank Accounts

Are you worried about how much your wedding is going to cost you? Don’t be. Here are a few suggestions to help you out…

Take your time to plan out your big day

Long engagements have plenty of advantages. Some of the biggest advantages are being able to choose your wedding dress in peace (and when it relatively cheaper), and being able to book ahead your big day’s venue. There is also the fact that you will be able to book your wedding stylist Sydney ahead; giving them plenty of time. All of these things we have mentioned reduces your over all costs significantly. In regards to the wedding dresses, one of the best kept secrets is that white dresses tend to cost a fair bit more than colored wedding dresses; even if they are of the same style and materials.

DIY what ever you can

Doing it yourself is a thing that has vast popularity; just not at weddings so far. However, you would be surprised at how much you can actually do yourself; inevitably reducing the cost of your over all function. For example, instead of getting a professional service to do your decorations (for both the alter and the reception), consider doing them yourself, or at the very least, opting for wedding decoration hire Perth. If you are confident enough, you can even consider doing your makeup by yourself; provided that you are very sure your nervousness on the day wont make it hard for you.

Make it meaningful; not extravagant (venue, door gifts)

This is in regards to almost every aspect of your wedding; but particularly for the venue in which you say “I do”, and the door gifts you will present to your guests so they remember your big day fondly. If the “official” venues in your locality is generally expensive, consider having a destination wedding. And by destination, we don’t really mean those extravagant and exotic beaches; but a venue that is special to your heartlike your grandparents’ home. As for the door gifts, try to opt for something that will actually be of use to your guests; and not some fancy thing that will be shucked into a drawer. These things too make a huge impact on the over all expenses of your big day.

Make use of the raw talents around you

We often are well aware of the raw talent of those around us; but we simply don’t realize their potential to make our weddings more meaningful. Say you have a musician in the family. Won’t it be more meaningful to get them to entertain your guests at your reception? What about a wedding MC…? Do you know anyone talented with a microphone and charming enough to keep a crowd interested? Of course, you will have to pay thembut it will be far less than you would have to do for professionals.