Tips To Organise Your Child’s First Birthday

Most of the parents love to celebrate their child’s first birthday. It can be a hassle to organise one with a toddler nagging around all the time. Yet one can make it super cute and fun, here are few things you need to include in the organising list.

Keep the theme basic

Usually mums go crazy with the theme but the trick is to keep it simple. If the theme is something unusual other mothers would not bother bringing their child at the party. However, one could decorate it grandly. For instance they could have pictures of their toddler all over, have beautiful baby nappy flowers. If the party is outdoor one could have a small play area for all the toddlers and a bouncer. Apart from this you could also send cute invitations, usually mothers also come as children are hard to manage by themselves. However, if one is on low budget they could just pass the invitation through whatsapp.

Make sure food is tasty as well as healthy

Kids can throw a tantrum when it comes to their food. So it is important to keep in mind that all the dishes are tasty. One should avoid having soft drinks at a kid’s birthday party, you could opt for other alternatives such as healthy juices. The menu could have sandwiches, colourful cupcakes, cookies and the birthday cake could be a cartoon figure which your child prefers.

Organise games and return gifts

This is a must do at any kids party. Usually parents call magicians, have face painting and other fun activities which will keep them occupied. They should organise gifts for the kids who play well. Also one should make an effort of organising return gifts for all the kids who turned up for the party. It could be based on gender for example if it’s a girl you could give baby girl nappy cakes and for a boy blue nappy cakes. If you think cakes are messy you could also give toys such as Barbie and Spiderman.

Prep your child beforehand

This is something parents usually forget to do as they get themselves so engrossed with organising the party. One should keep in mind that their child gets enough of sleep before the party so that they don’t get cranky. Also they should dress their child in soft comfortable clothes so they don’t get irritated while playing.

Lastly parents should make sure that they take ample pictures and videos of the party. They too should dress according to the theme. One should keep in mind that there will be other parents too so they should organise food for them and make time to entertain them as well.