Back To The Seventies

The caravan was a popular way to get about in the seventies but their glory days are long gone .The kids now know what a caravan is only because of the Scooby doo series and that is a shame. Though it is little known there are still many caravan manufacturers such as, Paramount, Jayco, New Age, Evernew, Windsor, Roma, Avan, Roadstar, Coronet, Viscount, Franklin, Conqueror and many more un-heard names trying to keep good old camper vans, RVs and trailers still on the road. The great thing about RV vans that they are spacious and comfortable and can easily hold an average family in it. they come with a segregated living space and the driver’s compartment with additional pull out options, usually a table and a set of chairs that can be propped up to facilitate family diners on the go.

The not so fun part about owning a caravan or any sort of vehicle is the servicing and insurance aspect. The kind of thing that nobody looks forward to. With a RV or a camper van this becomes even more complicated as there are not many garages and service providers who will look into the maintenance of them.A caravan requires an axle, brake and bearing service at every 10,000klm or 12 months whichever occurs first. And if your vehicle is likely to be driving in extreme dust, dirty or wet conditionsthe service will have to happen more often andif it is within your means it is also advisable to conduct a timely full service to make sure that your vehicle is in the best of shape.

Insurance is another major aspect that needs to be accounted for. Owners can usually make claims for caravan insurance repairs for the following circumstances:


Water Entry

Appliance Failure

VandalismStorm Damage

Stolen and Recovered

Awning and Annex Repairs

Hail Damage

With a reliable insurer your claims can be received and submitted for approval within the 1st 24 hrs. Then there is also caravan servicing Melbourne and repair centres that will directly liaise with your insurer for you so regardless of your insurer, they take care of the whole process, hassle free.Standard Key features of caravans includeair conditioner, domestic TV antenna,provision for battery, 4 burner hob grill & oven,cd player,drop down jacks, external speakers, washing machine, 2 door fridge and hot water, with a few tugs and tweaks you can also include many additions such as pull out furniture and roll out awnings and walls to make it literally your ‘’home on wheels’’.